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About Elecpro Group Inc.
ELECPRO GROUP INC. is an innovative company dedicated to the design, development, manufacture and production of smart home ecology system.

Our product line covers WI-FI video doorbell, alarm system, high-end wireless electronic doorbell, alarm system and smart door lock, etc. Except for these products, we will also create a complete range of smart home ecosystem solutions for our customers.

We aim to provide advanced smart home products and thoughtful service for those people who love and pursue their life.
Smart Home
Technical Standard
Wireless Transmission
Infrared Induction
Face Recognition
Living Fingerprint
Adopt the global advanced technology, start the smart home security revolution
Smart Doorbell
Smart Door Lock
Intelligent Alarm
Other Smart Products
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Breaking the Traditional Door Lock Single Protection Mechanism
3D Face Recognition Smart Lock
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One Touch One Life
Wireless Doorbell Smart Lock
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Defining Brand New Space Security Mode
Fingerprint Smart Door Lock
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24-Hour Family Secutiry System in All-Dimentional with Intelligent Gateway
Voice Remind Alarm System
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APP Remote Control, One Bottom Unlocking
Mobile App Control
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