Does US:E Smart Lock support Alexa or Google Assistant?
No, US:E does not support Alexa and Google Assistant for now. We'll definitely work on that, please allow us some time.
What level of security are you aiming for(physically and digitally) and how are you planning to achieve it?
App software has multiple encryption to achieve the ultimate security.
How the lock connects to the app? If it used normal Wi-Fi, isn't that going to use too much power and reduce the battery life?
The US:E Camera Smart Lock can be connected to APP via Wi-Fi, we make it super power efficient so it does not reduce the battery life.
How are you achieving remote control(Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-wave)? And how remote is it (Some rooms or some miles afar)?
US:E smart lock is controlled remotely through the mobile phone APP, and the distance is not limited.
Does the Face ID version have password entry as well?
The Face ID version does not support password entry. Because the size of the password+finger print module and face id module is too big to fit into one lock. However, if you add a handle with fingerprint scanner you can have face id and fingerprint function at the same time.
The handle battery life is also 1 year same as the smart lock?
For one charge, the handle with fingerprints can work around 3000 times, around half a year.
Can the handle work standalone?
Yes, the handle can work standalone.
How to replace the batteries?
To change your batteries, please follow these steps:
1. Slide the battery cover off of the back of the door lock. Then remove the old batteries.
2. Recharge the old batteries with our battery charger or simply replace them with new batteries.
3. Slide the cover back on the door lock.