If I want to buy my US:E Smart Lock, how to place an order now?
Thanks for your supporting! 

If you miss the chance to support our Kickstarter campaign you still can contact use@elecprous.com & Nancy@elecprous.com by email for any purchasing issue now.

Here have another good news for you, We are preparing the online-shop at our official website www.elecprous.com that you can buy your smart lock there later.
How many key fob for standard package? How should I add more key fob if needed?
There are two key fobs for the standard package. You can purchase more on our official website later if you needed.
Can I change the password on my phone from a distance? Or do I have to be physically at the door?
The password has to be changed physically at the door.
Will I be able to install in the metal door in the building not a regular wooden house door?
Yes, the Smart Lock can be installed in the metal door.
Is the lock suitable for a door that uses mortise door lock?
Yes, it is. US:E Smart Lock fits most major doors.
How and where does device store video captures?
The video recorded will be saved on your mobile phone.
Is it motion sensored and camera automatically starts recording if someone approaches door?
You'll receive an alert on your phone when someone is ring the bell at the US:E Camera Smart Lock, than you can choose to start recording or not at the APP.
How the smart lock connect the remote system?
The US:E Camera Smart Lock connect to APP via Wi-Fi. As long as the smart lock connect to Wi-Fi, you can unlock the door from your app with 4G or Wi-Fi anywhere.